Sand, Abrasive and Soda Blasting

We can carry out Sand, Abrasive and Soda Blasting on various surfaces.

Brick Cleaning – Removing Paint from – Bricks Removing Paint from Timber – Oak Cleaning – Removing Limewash from Random Rubble Stone walls.  Working at low Pressure remove sulphation from Bath Stone Door/Window surrounds.  Clean up old Beams and Distress New Woodwork to make look older.  Remove Paint and Rust from truck body and mobile plant (machinery).  Graffiti Removal Remove Rust and old paint from antique cast iron railings Remove dirt and loose mortar from random rubble walls Clean Saw Marks from and distress New Oak Beams Clean up and remove paint/stain from staircases and wooden bannisters Remove paint from wooden tongue and groove Clean old tractors back to bare metal prior to renovating Strip off paint from narrowboat to leave a key for new painting Clean up Steel in old steel frame buildings Remove years of grime from wooden stable stalls

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